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Sign Writer Brush

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Sign Writer Brushes

BrushesSignwriter Brushes are long haired synthetic brush, generally having a square tip. These brushes possess good color holding & spring and are treated as writing tools used for the formation, spacing and layout of lettering of various sizes. These brushes are applied for shading and decoration in signwork. Signwriter brushes neatly and sharply fills in the color and makes the sign work legible. These brushes are easy to spread color smoothly and evenly, for maximum shading and highlighting. It also gives uniform coverage on a variety of surfaces including paper, painted finishes and fabric.

Ox hair, from the ears of Oxen is usually used to manufacture Signwriter Brushes. A variety of synthetic materials such as nylon are widely available. Premium quality sign writer brushes leaves no brush marks, fat edges or dirt in the finishing, thus the work surface and work area is left clean and tidy.


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